Max Factor

Max Factor is a line of cosmetics from Coty, Inc. It was founded in 1909 as Max Factor & Company by Maksymilian Faktorowicz, a beautician from Poland. .ABOUTWORK..CONTACT A dedicated app for a POS stand. The customised tablet would be attached next to shelves with products.  UI   Customers can browse products and explore looks […]


I’m a multi-disciplinary integrated designer with an experience in branding and advertising. Privately, amateur music producer and an enthusiast of filtered coffee and cheap beer. .ABOUTWORK..CONTACT Alterna The typeface is a hybrid between Latin and Cyrillic alphabets with a strong influence of Russian constructivism. Family includes regular and bold version of the font only in […]


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LD was first launched in Russia in 1999 and quickly became Russia’s number one cigarette brand. LD is sold across 51 markets across the world. .ABOUTWORK..CONTACT I was responsible for creating an engagement toolkit for a newly created brand.  UX UI UX The biggest challenge was to work only with brand guidelines, which concentrated mainly […]


Faith Network For Manchester provides a forum for members of different faith communities across Manchester, to meet together to consider the issues raised in local decision-making and strategic planning. .ABOUTWORK..CONTACT FN4M recently went through a rebrand and required a new website to match their new identity. The project  UX UI   The project was divided […]


Novexpert was founded by researchers and doctors specialising in skin aging. The formulations they designed – and which bear their signatures – were inspired by recent advances in anti-aging medicine. .ABOUTWORK..CONTACT E-commerce website for a UK branch of a French cosmetic company. The design was based on the existing template that was modified to match […]


Jyro has updated the scooter rider experience, bringing high-tech features one might find in a modern car to a small personal transportation system. .ABOUTWORK..CONTACT I was asked to create a proposal for a website and packaging for a range of electric scooters.  UX UI Packaging Previous Next For the packaging, I took the Apple-Esque approach with […]


bwin is one of Europe’s leading online betting brands and is synonymous with sports. It has leading positions in several markets including Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, and Spain.  .ABOUTWORK..CONTACT I took the role of a brand guardian and worked as a link between design teams and a newly created brand department. I was responsible for […]

Anti-Tribalism Movement website

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