Anti-Tribalism Movement website

The Anti-Tribalism Movement is a non-profit organisation committed to tackling tribalism and promoting fairer and more equitable societies.

I took over the website after the first refusal from the client. The initial proposal didn’t feel contemporary enough and had a mismatched user journey. I used the existing brief and commenced internal interviews with the entire team (which was later reviewed with the entire team on the client’s end). That allowed me to redefine the brief, create a target group profiles, and redraw the sitemap with very few amends later in the process.



Look & Feel

Because of the previous misfire and effectively tighter time frame, we had to approach the project with an improvised agile workflow. As the stakeholders have already seen the UI (of the previous proposal), we decided to go with the high fidelity wireframes.

Having the core structure in place, we could send the wires through to the back end developers for an evaluation of requested features and the nearly finalized homepage proposal to the front-end, so they can make a start on animations.

We ended up mixing and matching both styles, taking into consideration some of the team’s and client’s feedback.

The review resulted in a few changes to the initial site structure. We were asked to add subpages for ‘Who we are’ and ‘Get Involved’ (instead of the existing collapsible paragraphs). At this point we were assured that the content for these pages won’t come through in time for the deadline, therefore we commenced another interview, asking of potential features and the CTAs for those additional pages. The outcome was the modulated page with numerous elements to be chosen from (including a set of icons) that allowed the admin to customize and switch the layout elements

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